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Jane Spence

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01 about

I am interested in creating intriguing spaces where tales can unfold or mood and atmosphere can be felt. I generally work in oils or mixed media, overlaying marks and colour, sometimes integrating collage to create texture and interest. This fascination with drama, storytelling and performance continues to inform my work.  

I have recently graduated with distinction in MA in Painting at Coventry University. This is building on my previous BA Hons in Theatre Design and has led me to work in large scale. I am developing new work out of a cache of found images spanning many decades, and which I keep by me to conjure a sense of the strange, the uncanny. Accepted reality skewed.


Figures I am drawn to are hard to assign. They are androgynous and have something of the Fae about them. They are the flash in the corner of our eye, an image not quite registered, the shadow that flickers behind a half closed door.

I have lived in Brunei Darussalam and Kazakhstan, exhibiting in Brunei, Malaysia and the UK, and have travelled extensively around South East Asia.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my work, or would simply like to know more about my practice. I am also happy to discuss commissions.


02 portfolio


03 exhibitions and projects


MA Painting   

2020 -  2022


I was exploring and enquiring into 'mysterious territories' - the Mind's  internal worlds. I am questioning perceived truth, the inaccuracy of memory, and reality as a construct. 

I was seeking the elusive space between conscious and unconscious, between absence and presence, the internal places we wander when the tenuous thread of sanity breaks.





Hope              I was invited, with 19 other artists, to respond to a sound piece called Hope                                Central and to exhibit at General Office gallery, Stourbridge.



poArtry          A three-month project based on collaboration between pairs of visual artists                              and poets, resulting in new work and an exhibition. 



FacetoFace  A year-long project bringing 30 artists together in six streams, responding to the                        theme of Penda, last pagan king of England. A supporting publication was                                  produced and the final works were toured.



Jazz Geometries 


A two-month project making experimental responses combining environment and music.






16-30.10        Hope project, General Office Gallery, Stourbridge

 11-30.10        Wet Paint show by 6 MA graduates, LTB Gallery, Coventry


19.05-22.09   West Midlands Open, New Art Gallery, Walsall


24.03.22         Long-listed for Jackson's Painting Prize

01.12-14.01    Worcester Open, The ArtHouse, Worcester


31.01-09.02   PoArtry exhibition, NAC, Wolverhampton


13-22.09        AW Autumn Show, Artists Workhouse, Studley, Warwickshire

30.08-08.09 FacetoFace project tour, General Office gallery, Stourbridge


15-30.06        Warwickshire Open Studios, Artists Workhouse, Studley


04.06-07.07  Face to Face project tour, Canwood Gallery, Checkley, Herefordshire

06-14.04        Face to Face project tour, Artists Workhouse, Studley, Warwickshire

01-10.03         AW Spring Show, Artists Workhouse, Studley, Warwickshire

-24.02             Coventry Biennial Open Competition, Herbert Museum & Art Gallery



08.12-             Coventry Biennial Open Competition, Herbert Museum & Art Gallery


12.10-04.12     Anchor Gallery @Warehouse Café, Birmingham


28.09-06.10   AW Members Exhibition, Little Buckland Gallery, Cotswolds


05-31.08         CC Summer Exhibition, Gunmakers Arms


23.06-01.07    Balance AW Open, Artists Workhouse, Studley, Warwickshire

13.04-10.05    What Does Art Say? Anchor Gallery @Peel & Stone, Harborne, Birmingham


29.03-23.06    Four Women, 1000 Trades, Frederick St, Birmingham

28.03-03.06   Blue Butterfly Gallery, Solihull, West Midlands

19.02-11.03     Almost Spring, Gunmakers Arms, Bath St, Birmingham

29.10-03.03    Blue Butterfly Gallery, Solihull, West Midlands


30.06-31.07   Jazz Geometries -1, Courtyard Gallery, Winterbourne House, Birmingham

27.06-10.07    CC Summer Exhibition, Courtyard Gallery, The Core, Solihull, West Midlands

03.05-03.07   JaneandRuth, Kitchen Garden Café, Kings Heath, Birmingham


06.09-28.10    Exchange, CHAS@Moseley Exchange Gallery, Birmingham

02.07               Drawing to Jazz pop up exhibition, Eastside Studios, Birmingham

09-15.05         Postcard art, Preston Street Union @Exeter Artweek, Exeter

14-30.04         Art Yard Open, Reddal Hill Road, Cradley Heath, West Midlands


18.07-06.09   CHAS Summer Show, MAC, Birmingham


Winter Open, Courtyard Gallery, Hertford


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